Our Story

How it all started...

Pastor Barbara along with Pastor Donald are the founding pastors of Community Life World Outreach Center in Decatur Georgia.
Together they lead the church plant as servant leaders teaching and loving the people of Decatur, the metro Atlanta area, online church and wherever they are given the opportunity to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Pastor Barbara serves as Senior Pastor and lead teacher weekly at our 10am service while Pastor Donald serves as Co Pastor teaching Communion weekly.

Pastor Barbara is a graduate of Oral Roberts University with a BS in Theology. Pastor Donald is a graduate of University of Central Texas with a BA in Psychology and a MA in business from AIU in Decatur.
Pastor Barbara retired from a career of teaching and Pastor Donald Retired from the US Army and the prestigious Disabled American Veteran service organization representing veterans. Our pastors love veterans and see themselves as retired still serving.

Pastors Barbara and Donald have been married 42 years and were high school sweet hearts totaling 46 years of commitment and love. They have three daughters, three son in laws and six grandkids from age 20 to 3 years old. They are truly blessed.

Pastor Barbara's preaching style is transparent authentic and passionately inspired by the the Holy Spirit.
It is her desire that people be challenged and empower to fulfill the call of God on their life and live their best life now.
Our church family is from all walks of life. We are loving, giving, and committed believers that are more than fans of Jesus Christ but Followers.

You are invited to come be a part of our church family and to share the hope and love of Jesus Christ weekly. Hope to see you soon. 

Love God, Love People

We’ve always had a good marriage but we developed a great marriage when we ENCOUNTERED the presence of God. We have a special anointing for families and relationships. God created us for relationships. We are not meant to be alone. God has given you a natural family but He also wants you to have a spiritual family.
After 30 years of ministry, I can truly say, that I believe
God places people in the body as it pleases Him and not as it pleases us. You will bloom where you are planted. Know that you do not belong anywhere but you belong somewhere. Go where you are celebrated and tolerated. We’ve already prayed for you and God always has a plan for you.
Grow at CLWOC
Where God is Real & Life Is Reality

Where we are headed...

2020 has shown us something we have never seen before, but in 2021 we truly believe God is turning this thing around. I never believed that church would look like this, but like I said earlier, it is something I have never seen before and we are going to maximize where we are! I look forward to seeing you online each and every Sunday at 10am and when ever we go live!
- PB

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Sunday as we worship together @10am